Sunday, December 27, 2009

Mr. Tiki Mon

Mr. Tiki Mon stands over 6' high, and is constructed out of a cypress wood tree trunk base, with a discarded HVAC pipe affixed to the trunk base using foam filler. Foam was sprayed around the HVAC pipe creating an uneven surface - which was perfect for a final coat of paper mache.

The entire surface was paper mached' with over 2 weeks of newpaper and 10 pounds of flour. The eyes are purposely off center, and an ear-2-ear grin was also constructed of paper mache.

The paper mache took one full week to completely "dry". Copper spray paint covers the paper mache and tree trunk surface, and the remaining features were painted using latex paint. Beads dangle as earrings, a sarong wraps as a headpiece, and an authentic hawaiin lai hangs from the chin. A monte cristo cuban cigar appears between the teeth, and african beads appear from the ear lobes.
Artist: Jane Wadsworth

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